GED Preparation Classes


MADE MEN would like to thank you for your interest in our General Education Diploma (GED) Preparation Program. It is our hope that during this season of COVID-19, that you and your family are safe, and following local and state guidelines to help prevent the spread of this disease.


The MADE MEN GED Preparation Program prepares you to pass the GED to obtain your high school equivalency certificate. Our program offers GED preparation; academic tutoring; life skills training; and career awareness.


Program objectives are to increase students' academic levels, prepare students for the GED exam, and assist students with employment and/or improve job skills. Our virtual classroom education incorporates self-paced computerized instruction, small-group learning exercises, lectures, videos, and other experiential learning activities. Lesson plans are flexible and individualized to meet student's academic needs. Classes are offered year-round on an open-entry open-exit basis.

Here are the next steps:


  1. Complete Made Men GED Intake Form (Click here to register)

  2. Made Men is committed to making this educational experience the best that it can be, and tries to remove any barriers to your participation.  Please (Click here for Client Periodical Progress Assessment)

  3. Create a account (See attached document) (Click here to setup account)

  4. Pay $60 registration fee (Click here to pay)

  5. We upload GED Ready exams to your account

  6. You take the GED Ready exams

  7. Call us when done 913-521-9405

  8. We will schedule an on-line conference with the instructor to discuss your action plan.

  9. Upon satisfactory completion of the action plan, YOU are ready for the Official GED test.

  10. Upon satisfactory passing of the Official GED exam, you have the option to participate in our GED Graduation Ceremony (Post COVID-19)

Again, thank you for contacting MADE MEN, and we look forward to walking along this journey with you!