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Life Strategies

MADE MEN through Life Strategies provides an intense 20-day program that ensures that participants are tackling life successfully and are employable.

During the 20 day program each participant engages in conversation and activities covering the following subjects.


  • Work Life is a soft job-skills training program for people who are unemployed or underemployed. The program inspires and equips participants to find and keep meaningful work. Work Life builds community because real and lasting change comes through relationships.

  • Fatherhood and Motherhood Development is a course to provide community resources that strengthen parenting skills and family stability by focusing on increasing the active involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. The course will achieve this by facilitating family wellness through innovative programming that leads to the fathers and mothers cooperatively learning to work together to parent their children. 

  • Faith & Finances is a course empowering participants to track income and expenses, develop a budget, prepare for emergencies, avoid debt, and more. Technical content on finances is integrated with the life-changing message for rich and poor alike: that Jesus is making all things new and that He wants to use our finances as a part of His kingdom work. 

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